What is Tatting?

Simply put, tatting is lace making. A shuttle is used to hold thread. Shuttles can be made from anything like sterling silver, antique celluloid, plastic, wood, or even bone. The thread is used to make knots, lots of knots! The goal is to make slip knots to form rings and chains. Larks Head Knot is the only knot you need to learn, but (unfortunately) you might accidentally make a secure knot and this needs to be removed before a ring can be closed or chain can be tightened into an arch. The way you join the rings or chains and how you vary the sizes of these elements make the designs interesting. These patterns can be very delicate or bold. One of the most interesting parts of tatting can be the captivating negative spaces in between the rings and chains.


Design Elements

Joy snowflake pattern by Judy Hendriksen, Tatting Points
Negative Space
Curds and Whey pattern by Mary Konior
Snail pattern by Betty Alderson, CO


Tatted Chain pattern by Richard Embrey
Snail pattern by JTatter
Original necklace by Bev Corder
AlenAleaDesigns 2020 Tat-a-long patterns
Original painted shuttle and flower tatting by Bev Corder
Turtle pattern by JTatter
Tatted votive holder inspired by Grace's Lace pattern
AlenAleaDesigns 2020 Tat-a-long patterns
Tatted Fragrant Flower pattern by Daniel Mandelo. Clay 3/4 inch fairy by Bev Corder.